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Let us first introduce ourselves: We are Siesta Oppi Kanu Shop GmbH or, short and simple, "Siesta Oppi" from Berne, Switzerland. We've been around since 1993 and over the years have grown to become the biggest paddlesports shop and centre in our small country. Oh, maybe we should explain here: Becoming "big" has never been of major importance for us. It just happened – probably mainly because we are interested in so many aspects of paddlesports. From open canoeing to whitewater and sea kayaking and rafting, from day trips on our beautiful house-river Aare over holiday trips in Europe to expeditions in Patagonia and – you might have guessed it already – Mongolia. We do it all. And we love doing it all. It's our passion and our life.

This page is part of one of our most successful and dearest projects: It's about our paddling trips in Mongolia. Our aim is to deliver you valuable information about this extraordinarily beautiful and exciting country and of course what we do here. No matter if you are planning on coming with us on one of our paddling expeditions or if you are just looking and dreaming… We hope you enjoy it!

Paddling Mongolia: How it started

Everything started in 2008, when one of our guides, Jürg, went on his first three-month-visit to Northern Mongolia. His fascinated reports from Mongolia reached wide open ears in Switzerland, and so it didn't take too long until the first group of Swiss paddlers came to Mongolia and went down Ider gol. That was in 2010.

When in the same year another very important person – Tudevvaanchig, or simply "Tudevee", a very experienced Mongolian expedition-guide – entered the stage, the plan to become more active in Mongolia started to take concrete shape: We decided to buy boats and equipment in Mongolia and the first tours in this beautiful, remote country were included in the company's annual catalogue in 2012.

In early 2015, Tudevee also started his own tour company – "Targan Sarlag" or, in English, "Fat Yak". Through the cooperation of Siesta Oppi and Fat Yak it has become possible to offer you a much wider range of tours and possibilities, such as custom trips organized by Fat Yak.
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Meet the Team

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Oppi is executive director of Kanushop Siesta Oppi GmbH, which he founded in 1993, after returning from a two-year-trip to South America. Apart from selling boats and gear, the canoe shop which is located near the Swiss capital Bern and well-known all around the Swiss paddlers' scene, organizes a wide range of small and big paddling adventures. Oppi himself is an active, highly experienced open canoe instructor (ACA) and has guided hundreds of river trips in Europe and South America. For now two decades, every winter he has been guiding canoe-based adventure trips in his second home Patagonia. In 2014, Oppi came to Mongolia for the first time – on a canoe-trip to the remote Darkhad valley in the northernmost corner of Mongolia.
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Tudevee has been working as an expedition guide since 2002. There's hardly any place in Mongolia that he hasn't been to or any kind of trip he hasn't guided yet: High mountain trekkings, horse-riding trips, fly-fishing and rafting tours, Jeep-trips, ski-trips, documentary film productions, fashion shootings, and so on... Fluent in English and an excellent translator, photographer and organizer, he has also worked a lot for NGOs, journalists and researchers. Apart from that, he's an excellent Furgon-driver and outdoor baker, and there's really hardly any problem he can't fix. After living some years in Ulaanbaatar, Tudevee has recently moved back to his hometown Uliastai in Western Mongolia, where he has started a guesthouse and his own tour company Fat Yak Travel .
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Davkaa is the youngest guy in the Paddle Mongolia team! He joined us in 2016 and proved not only to be a very reliable and caring expedition-guide, but also turned out to be a very talented paddler. And this is quite remarkable, given the fact that he's actually from the South-Gobi, one of the driest regions in the world!!!
Davkaa has a university degree in cultural tourism, speaks English well and works as a guide for Fat Yak where he is responsible for all kinds of trips. He lives in Ulaanbaatar but loves the countryside, camping and – of course – his new hobby canoeing.
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Jürg came to Mongolia for the first time in 2008 for research, fell in love with the country and ever since returned there almost every year. Being an anthropologist and geographer, he successfully finished his PHD on the reindeer herders and hunters of the Eastern Sayan Mountains in the remote borderland between Mongolia and Tuva (Siberia) in 2014. Before that, he worked and travelled in Arctic Nunavut (Canada), Siberia, Africa, India and Latin America. Of course, he is also an enthusiastic paddler and has been working as a guide for Siesta Oppi since 2007. He holds licenses as a canoe-, raft- and sea kayak guide (SKV/SOA canoe-guide II, SRF/IRF trip leader cl. III and BCU 4-star leader sea).
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