Ider gol – Mongolia's Classic Touring River
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21. June – 10. July 2020

Trip description

On this 265 km river-trip we will paddle on the middle and lower part of Ider gol, between Tosontsengel and the Five Rivers Valley. This region, which is shared between the Mongolian provinces Zavkhan and Khövsgöl, belongs to the famous Khangai Mountain range, which is considered not only "classic" Mongolian heartland but also one of Mongolia's best trekking areas. Here, in the Central Mongolian Highland, some of the headwaters of the gigantic Yenisei have their sources. In fact, Ider gol is the longest tributary of the Selenge-Baikal-Angara system, the right arm of the mighty Yenisei, the biggest river of Siberia.

This is a fantastic trip in a not too-extreme environment. The Khangai region has a rather "moderate" climate, usually with considerably less cold than more exposed places like the Altai or the extreme North of Mongolia.

Upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar, you will take the next possible flight to Uliastai. Here is the official start of the tour and here you'll spend the night in Tudevee's Fat Yak Guesthouse. There is the opportunity to visit the town's beautiful Buddhist monastery. the local museum – or simply join your guides shopping on Uliastai's market.

From Uliastai it's only a 200 km drive to Tosontsengel, the starting point of our canoeing.

On the River
The first couple days of our roughly ten or eleven days long river trip lead us through a very scenic and varied mountain-steppe and forest landscape. We'll pass the villages of Ikh Uul and Jargalant where it's possible to stock up our supplies. After that, we'll just pass endless wild countryside without settlements or roads – only nature, nomadic families and their animals.

About three quarters along the way, we'll have to portage our boats and equipment over a small mountain pass. This will require a little effort but we will be rewarded with one of the most scenic camps we've ever had in Mongolia.

From here on, it's one and a half more days of paddling until we reach "tavan golyn belcher", the Five-River-Valley which makes the end of our paddling trip.

Personal equipment

Because the nights in Mongolia are cold, a good sleeping bag, a robust, warm camping mattress and a good tent are essential – just as waterproof, warm, adequate clothing and firm footwear (suitable for mountain-terrain) as well as river boots (neoprene etc.). All further details as well as the packlist will be discussed commonly.

Our services

A small group-size (6 persons max) with a maximum of support by two experienced guides – one Mongolian and one European guide. We provide full board incl. breakfast, cold lunch and warm dinner, coffee, tea, water and beer; a kitchen tent with stove and all cooking-equipment, all paddling equipment (high quality Wenonah tandem-canoes, paddles, PFDs, dry-bags, throw-bags) except personal apparel and other gear; translation as well as all overland-transports and the guesthouse-stays in Uliastai and Mörön.

On all our trips we carry a satellite phone and a large expedition-grade first aid kit.

Not included are: Alcoholic beverages and all flights (international flight to and from Ulaanbaatar as well as national flights between Ulaanbaatar and Uliastai), and guesthouse stays in Ulaanbaatar. The official start of our tour and services is in Uliastai.

We are happy to help our clients by coordinating the bookings of flights or additional hotel stays in Ulaanbaatar. However, this is NOT a part of our official services and we do not take up any responsibility for potential mishaps, accidents or inadequate services of any third parties involved during this part of your travel. Please also understand that we cannot process any payments for flight-tickets or hotel bills on behalf of you.

Minimum number of participants: 3 persons. Two-person-trips may be possible against surcharge. Please ask us about details.


CHF 3,450
Back to Ulaanbaatar
Back in our Russian 4WD-minibus we'll first drive to Mörön, where we'll enjoy the luxury of a hot shower and a night in our friends' yurt hotel. From here it's only a short drive on a paved road to the huge Lake Khövsgöl, the "blue pearl of Mongolia" and the second-largest water reservoir of Asia – a must-see for everyone traveling in Northern Mongolia. We'll spend the night in Khatgal, a busy little town on the Southernmost corner of the lake before we'll head on East, towards Ulaanbaatar. This 1000-km-drive will take us through the Selenge-valley and the beautiful forest-steppes of Bulgan aimag.

In Ulaanbaatar remains enough time to enjoy the city, go shopping for souvenirs and of course our obligatory farewell-dinner party.

Prerequisites for attending

Experience and confidence in paddling loaded open canoes on fast-flowing rivers and easy rapids (up to WW II – any more difficult parts will be portaged). Experience and sure-footedness in easy to moderate mountain terrain, ability to swim in currents and handle throw-bag rescues, good health status and normal physical fitness as well as the willingness to engage and sometimes put up with all aspects of travel in remote regions of a developing country with rudimentary infrastructure. Companionship, a positive attitude and openness towards the culture of the host country as well as the ability to cope with simple life conditions, potentially rough weather, cold nights and about 17 days of camp life far away from all hot showers, comfy sofas and hospitals.
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