Paddling in Mongolia

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"Paddling in Mongolia? Is this at all possible? I thought it would be all desert and steppe?" Again and again we hear this question from surprised people we talk to. So let us assure you right from the start: Of course, it's possible. And even more so: It's not only possible, it's terrific. Especially Mongolia's North and West both have, as we strongly believe, some of the world's most beautiful canoeing rivers. Conditions range from very easy on almost standing water to full-fledged and challenging whitewater. And all these rivers have to date been left in their natural states. No dams, no power plants, no straightening, channeling or other modifications in the meandering and ramified river courses. A paddler's dream indeed – although yet still an insider's tipp, as every year only very few people put up with the difficult logistics of a river-journey in this remote country with its short paddling season. Those who do though are being rewarded with fantastic canoeing or kayaking in dramatic landscapes ranging from treeless high mountain steppe to dense Taiga.

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But Mongolian rivers are not only a wild playground for the handful of dedicated paddlers that come here from all over the world each year between June and September. These rivers are also essential elements of the landscape that is a home to the rural population of Mongolia. Nomadic families usually have their summer camps near the rivers that supply the drinking water for themselves as well as for their animals. Sometimes you see men standing on rocks in the riverbed, catching impressive trouts with nothing more than a line and a spinner. And last not least, many Mongolian rivers, springs or lakes are known to be the home of important spirits worshipped by the locals. Hence, despite their sometimes overwhelming solitude and vastness, Mongolian river landscapes are not empty "wilderness" but the home of living communities of people, animals and spirits. In our view, this strongly contributes to the uniqueness of the experience of paddling in Mongolia – and it is something that brings with it certain responsibilities. For more information on our philosophy and ethics, please read our "General Info" section in the "Our Trips" drop down menu.
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