Delgermörön - Mongolia's Wild Beauty


13. September – 2. October 2020

Trip description

On this tour we will paddle down the River Delgermörön (or short: Delger), an outstandingly beautiful and lonely, fast-flowing wilderness river in the Russian-Mongol border region of the remote North of the country. This is a truly wild landscape of breathtaking scenic beauty, with huge Taiga forests and lonely steppe valleys framed by rugged and dramatic mountains.

Upon arrival/meeting on the airport of Ulaanbaatar we’ll head on to Mörön, the capital of Khövsgöl Province, the northernmost region of Mongolia. Here, we’ll meet our Mongolian guide and our driver who will bring us into the beautifully situated yurt-hotel outside of town. This is the perfect place to relax and settle in after our long journey. We’ll be spoiled with good food, a hot shower and the luxury of a bed in a yurt, or ger in Mongolian. On the next day, we’ll go shopping for our supplies on the narrow, dusty and exciting market of Mörön.

On the River
Depending on the strength and skills of the group as well as on the water levels, we will either begin our paddling on the confluence of Delger and the small river Beltes, just outside of Bayanzürkh village, or roughly a 100 km downriver, in order to avoid the strongest rapids. On the upper river, we’ll be pretty much by ourselves, as there will be no villages and hardly any nomadic families even. It won’t even be possible to access this area by car, except in one valley towards the end of this majestic and mountainous wilderness section. We might, however, as well decide to take it a bit easier and start two days up of the village of Burentogtokh, which will be a bit less demanding and give us a bit more time to relax and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Passing by the village of Burentogtokh the valley slowly opens up. As we enter the huge steppe-plain of Mörön, we’ll encounter many more nomadic families than we had seen during the last days. The river now slows down a bit and starts meandering through open steppe and sometimes even almost jungle-like stretches where willows and bushes grow densely on the river banks.

After four to seven days of paddling we’ll reach our yurt hotel again where we will enjoy a wonderful hot shower and dinner and spend the night in „our“ yurts. Of course we will also use the opportunity to stock up on new supplies before we head on downriver, passing by the town of Mörön. A few kilometers past the busy province capital, we’ll enter remote and secluded countryside again and paddle through one of the most lovely and outstanding river landscapes that Mongolia has to offer: wide steppe, forests, mountains, rocks and narrow valleys and remote nomadic camps under a wide blue sky with millions of stars. On our last day, we’ll even paddle by a sand dune, just before we meet our driver at our ending point, the confluence of the rivers Delger and Ider.
Because at least the nights will be cold, a good sleeping bag, a robust, warm camping mattress and a good tent are essential – just as waterproof, warm, adequate clothing and firm footwear (suitable for mountain-terrain) as well as river boots (neoprene etc.). All further details as well as the packlist will be discussed commonly.

Our services

A small group-size (6 persons max) with a maximum of support by two experienced guides – one Mongolian and one European guide. We provide full board incl. breakfast, cold lunch and warm dinner, coffee, tea, water and beer; a kitchen tent with stove and all cooking-equipment, all paddling equipment (high quality Wenonah tandem-canoes, paddles, PFDs, dry-bags, throw-bags) except personal apparel and other gear; translation as well as all overland-transports and the guesthouse-stays in Ulaanbaatar and Mörön.

On all our trips we carry a satellite phone and a large expedition-grade first aid kit.

Not included are: Alcoholic beverages and all flights (international flight to and from Ulaanbaatar as well as national flights between Ulaanbaatar and Uliastai) and the guesthouse stay in Ulaanbaatar. The official start of our trip is Mörön.

We are happy to help our clients by coordinating the bookings of flights or additional hotel stays in Ulaanbaatar. However, this is NOT a part of our official services and we do not take up any responsibility for potential mishaps, accidents or inadequate services of any third parties involved during this part of your travel. Please also understand that we cannot process any payments for flight-tickets or hotel bills on behalf of you.

Minimum number of participants: 3 persons.


CHF 3,450
Driving Back
From here on, we’ll start our long drive back to Ulaanbaatar through the beautiful Mongolian countryside: First through roadless and windswept plains and over the harsh Khangai mountains where we will be camping for the last time on this trip. Passing Ider valley and the small town of Jargalant, we’ll reach the famous beautiful lake Tsagaan Nuur where we will sleep in a small yurt hotel. The next night will be spent in Kharkhorin (Karakorum), the old capital of the Mongolian Empire. Here we’ll explore the huge and famous Buddhist monastery and museum of Erdene Züü before we head on towards Ulaanbaatar.

Prerequisites for attending

This is not a beginners’ trip. You will need a fair bit of experience on moderately fast flowing rivers with easy to moderate rapids (grade I-III) and you will need to be able to navigate your fully laden open canoe safely around rocks and through some tight curves, sometimes (but rarely) also avoiding trees or bushes. However, employing basic river skills usually all potential hazards can be avoided easily and there are very few (and short) moderately difficult passages where we might consider more caution or even a short portage. We will paddle between nine to eleven days which means that we’ll cover between 25 to 35 km every day. Given the mostly fast flow of the river this is not very much. Usually there remains ample time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, to stroll off into the hills or to simply enjoy the sunshine on a river bank in the camp.
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